“According to previous surveys, Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and 3rd largest exporter of mangoes. Pakistani mangoes enjoy a prominent position in the international market due to its taste, popularity and demand. They are spotless and clean by appearance, free from insect damage or fungal infection and uniform in size and ripeness. Pakistani Mango best in the world.

The good news is that Pakistani mangoes have no rival in the global market in terms of quality, sweetness, rich taste, distinct flavor, naturally woven fibers, pleasant aroma and the softness of its contents. These unique qualities of Pakistani mangoes are inherited from a fine mix of unique soil and season coupled with impact of flowing rivers through the world’s largest canal irrigation system that is literally the life-blood of the country’s agriculture.”

On BBC Food Buyers Guide

“Chaunsa (June to August), from Pakistan, has a thin yellow skin streaked with green and the sweetest of sweet, smooth-textured flesh. It is sometimes called Honey.”

Type of Mangoes:

- Sindhri
- Chansa
- Anwar Ratool