About us


  • It all began with God's grace.
  • Found after many years of business experience.
  • Inspired by Agriculture.



Subhan Imports, located in Stockholm, Sweden is a family owned company. We are importing things from certified manufactures, processor´s who fulfill all European quality standard requirements; we are importing from Bangladesh, China, India, Kenya, Pakistan Cyprus, etc.  After 27 years of trading experience and after observing Stockholm's markets we came on importing nutrition's and groceries. Those fruits & vegetables which are hardly available in colder countries like Sweden. Fruits & Vegetables which we import are: mangoes, oranges, guawa, bitter gourd (Karela), round gourd (Tinda), squash (Kaddu/lockey), okra (ladyfinger), green chilli etc. Those fruits can’t be planted in colder countries because of natural simulation and environmental adaption. That is our point to make it easier for a regular person to buy this kind of foodstuff in a European country where it is not easily available.

Pupil appreciate products, quality and healthy food for themselves, family and friends. We are really proud to provide you this with freshness and healthiness .
Our fruits are shipped grove fresh; the fruits and vegetables will be complete ripen when it will reach you. It is our aim to ship only the finest, sweetest fruit available and to provide you the best food and their taste with an attracting aroma. Our bonus point is that our shipment will be on time.