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Subhan import are synonymous with authenticity and excellence proved. We are international importers for food. Our aim is to provide best quality foods and best taste. You must have heard of "Eat healthy & stay healthy", staying healthy and eating right is lifestyle which many people should consider. We will provide you the best healthy food and help you stay healthy. Eating healthy helps to build persons self-esteem that we want to gift you.

International IMPORT association will bring you high quality, affordable products.



Real Nectar brand juice is available in nine different taste's. Amount: 1liter and 200ml in tetra pack. 330ml and 0,5liter in polypet bottle. All juice's are imported from Pakistan. Pakistani mango and orange are unbeatable in taste so their juice is the most well-knowned.

Fresh fruits

Mangoes and clementines are seasonal fruits that are available, depending on the season. 

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are imported from all over the world such as okra, green chilli, bitter gourd and etc. Depending on the season.


The Pakistani Long-grain Basmati (aroma/ fragnance) rice is well known for it's aroma and taste all over the world. Available in 2, 5 and 10 kg poly-bag. We import other sorts as well such as Irri - 6 and 9. 

EBM Peek Frean

Peek Freans biscuits are one of the best products in our stock. Peak Freans is granted the internationally acclaimed Superbrands status. The quality, food safety and wholesomeness meets the international level. These wholesome biscuits and cookies are available in over 14 flavours.

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